Lagoon 400 S2 (2012-2017)


Designed by Lagoon’s sole architects, Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost (VPLP), who have been involved with some of the world’s fastest multihulls (Groupama, Banque Populaire & BMW-Oracle’s Americas Cup contender), the Lagoon 400 was first launched in 2009.  The S2 is an upgrade to the interior space made with Nauta Design, and production began in 2012 and went through to 2017, when it was superseded by the Lagoon 40.

Approximately 400 boats were built in Belleville Sur Vie, France, during the four years of production.  Many of these were destined for the charter market, being one of the few 40 foot cats to offer four double ensuite cabins with crew beds in the forepeaks.

Walkthrough Video – he’s on a 400 S2!

Differences Between the 400 and the 400 S2 Models

Model Differences

Design & Build

Build Structure, Techniques & Materials

Solid FRP laminate below the waterline and resin-infused balsa-cored sandwich above. Lagoon has embraced the latest vacuum manufacturing techniques to minimise its carbon footprint through the reduced amount of materials and limited waste, minimise the weight and optimise the strength given by the resin to matrix ratio.

Interior woodwork uses a recycled wood composite which is not only light but durable.

Specific/Unique Features of the Lagoon 400 S2

  • Large overhanging coachroof providing shade
  • Galley opening onto the cockpit lounge area
  • Flybridge helm station with all lines led there

Specs and Layouts

The Lagoon 400 S2 came in four layouts, a 3 cabin or 4 cabin version:

3 Cabin Owners’ Layout, 3 Heads

3 Cabin Owners’ Layout, 2 heads

4 Cabin Charter Layout, 4 heads
4 Cabin Charter Layout, 2 heads


Good vs Bad

High freeboard makes sailing close hauled very difficult.

Common Issues

The Nacelle

Lagoon offered a fix kit for a problem which presented itself as water accumulating underneath the water tanks in the forward locker. In fact the accumulation of water here caused the main bulkhead to rot where it was inaccessible. Look in the access hatch for the water pump on the port side forward and check for softness in the bulkhead near the pump.

To effect a proper repair, the water tanks need to be removed and the floor cut away to expose the extent of the problem and remedy it.

Goiot Escape Hatches

Lagoon also offered a fix for the problem of the glass in the Goiot escape hatches falling out. This used small aluminium sections screwed to hold the glass in place.

Mast Step Support

Some owners have identified an issue with water accumulating inside the mast compression post, causing it to rust severely.


Who Buys/Uses It?

Family use or charter fleet.

How Do They Use It?

Coastal cruising.

Resale Values

There are currently (Aug 2023) 14 used boat listings for a Lagoon 400 S2 on,, and with prices ranging from $271,000 to $472,000

Those boats with heavy charter use are at the lower end of the scale; those with very little use and a high specification are able to achieve higher prices due to their better condition and history.

Depreciation Curve

A 2014 model would have cost around €299,000 with all factory fitted options.  This sum, allowing for inflation would now be worth €401,435 or USD $437,233.  

BUC Value gives an average valuation for a 2014 model in fair condition for its age as USD $330,500.

A 2014 model on the market today is listed between $332,000 and $365,000.

Depending on the specification of the vessel (the number of factory fitted options and any subsequent upgrades) these figures would suggest the depreciation on a 2014 model of approximately 24% over the last 9 years (Spend adjusted for inflation cf. BUC Value).

Competitor Vessels

  • Lagoon 39
  • Lagoon 400
  • Leopard 40
  • Bali 4.0
  • Nautitech Open 40
  • Lucia 40

Documents etc.

Original Sales Brochure & Technical Specs

Sales Brochure

Media Articles

Owner’s Manual

HIN Location

In the top aft edge of the starboard cockpit coaming; the build number is on the upper aft end of the port hull.

CE Build Plate

CE certification: A12 / B14 / C20 / D30

Warranty Info

Availability of Spares

Through your local Lagoon Dealer.

Owner Reviews

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