Sharing a lifetime’s passion for sailing, boats and the sea

A qualified IIMS marine surveyor and RYA commercial skipper, Sam is available for yacht surveys, charter, deliveries, sales and consultancy from a base in St Martin in the Caribbean…

And whether you’re contemplating your next sailing holiday destination, pondering the best boat to buy for your budget, or thinking about replacing your bilge pumps, you’ll find helpful independent advice here.

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Buying a Boat

Tips to help you get the best boat for your budget and use plans

Boat Ownership

How to maintain, repair and refit your investment so it holds its value

Selling your Boat

Preparing & listing your boat for the best possible return

Sailing Holidays

A look at the best sailing areas and adventures worldwide

what we do

If you’d prefer a one on one approach, Sam offers the following personalised services:

Small Yacht Surveys

Sam is an IIMS trained surveyor of small vessels – up to 24m – specialising in fibreglass vessels and yacht system installations. Contact her if you need a:

If buying a boat is a significant investment for you, it pays to get an expert inspection of her before handing over your cash…

Carried out for the owner of a boat under a charter-purchase contract at the end of the charter period, this inspection confirms the remedial works necessary to bring the vessel to a standard commensurate with her age and usage.

A must before any long voyage and, as a minimum, every 5 years with the mast at ground level so that every tiny part can be properly inspected…

Most insurers will ask you for a survey report and valuation when you buy your boat, and at fixed intervals afterwards…

Usually requested by an insurer if you make a claim, this inspection advises the extent of the damage and approximate repair costs…

Professional Skippering

Holder of a Commercially Endorsed RYA Yachtmaster Offshore for over 20 years and an RYA Cruising Instructor, Sam has sailed extensively in the Caribbean and Mediterranean and in some parts of South East Asia, the Atlantic coast of Europe, the North Sea and USA. She is available for select:

Your sailing holiday should be a stress free experience, so let a professional skipper take weight off your shoulders…

If you need to move your boat and would prefer to have a professional on board…

Getting to know a new boat can be stressful, take some private lessons and get a head start…

Other Boaty Help

With 30 years of sailing boat ownership, Sam can help with:

Let me help you through the minefield of choices, whether remotely or in person; whittling down the best options, pre-inspection reports, valuation guidance…

Discuss your refit needs and get help in managing your projects on the island of Sint Maarten/St Martin…

Ensure your rewiring, plumbing, steering or engine installation meets recommended installation standards…

Don’t put your boat on the market without our helpful guidance; we’ll show you how to get the best return, and broker your sale if you wish …

About Sam

In 1992, I inherited a partially built hull from my Dad, who’s dream had been to sail around the world.  The boat took me seven years to finish and every penny I earned during that time.

I’ve been sailing ever since – from Scotland to the Mediterranean, in SE Asia and most recently in the Caribbean.  What started as a promise to my father has become my lifetime passion.

I’m a sailor, commercial skipper, a small yacht surveyor and I’ve built, sailed, refitted, owned and maintained sailing boats for 30 years… and I still love it!

On this site I hope you find something to inspire and help you on your sailing journey.

Read more of my story here