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Olivier Poncin’s ambitious project, Harmony, aimed to revolutionise the yachting industry. Poncin was not just a businessman; he was a dreamer who wanted to bring innovation to the yachting world. The Harmony project was a testament to his vision and his relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Harmony brand was founded in 2003, and was, at the time, a fairly prominent player in the marine industry. The brand specialised in manufacturing innovative cruising yachts within the Poncin Yachts boat yard in Maran, France.

In 2003, Poncin Yachts acquired Catana, and the Catana Group was formed, but poor results over the 2008-9 financial crisis were attributed mainly to the Harmony brand and caused the group to divest itself of Harmony models with the end of production.

Reuters report on Poncin Yachts 2008-9.

Production Timeline

ModelFirst BuiltLast BuiltNo. Produced
Harmony 3120052009?
Harmony 3420052009?
Harmony 3820052009?
Harmony 4220052009?
Harmony 4720052009?
Harmony 5220072009?

Boat Reports

harmony 42

Harmony 42 (2005-2009)

Overview The Harmony 42 is a French production yacht that garnered attention for its innovative features and affordability. Designed by Olivier …

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