Used Boat Valuations – How Much is My Boat Worth?

used boat valuations

Used boat valuations are a big deal in the boating industry. Whether you’re buying, selling, insuring, or investing in a used boat, knowing its fair market value is crucial.   The value of a used boat is a product of the manufacturer’s reputation and build quality, the model, length and specification when built, the vessel usage … Read more

Understanding the Role of a Marine Surveyor

marine surveyor - cargo ship docking

Introduction What is a Marine Surveyor? A marine surveyor is an experienced professional who specialises in assessing the condition of marine assets: vessels, structures, and/or equipment.  Due to the variety of different marine assets and the vast topics relating to each, individual surveyors tend to focus their business on a particular type of marine asset … Read more

Choosing a Marine Surveyor With Experience of Your Type of Vessel

choosing a marine surveyor - superyacht in the slings

Help is at hand for choosing a marine surveyor with the qualifications and experience to make a thorough inspection of your vessel. The scope of marine surveying is enormous and most surveyors specialising in a particular type of work or vessel; dig around to find the best man (or woman) for the job! Having recently … Read more